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Nightmares Part 9 - Jacksepticeye x reader
Mark sat on the couch, his head in his hands while I brought in a cup of tea for him. I sat next to him and handed it to him, inwardly afraid that he might be trying to fight off Dark again. He looked up at me, his brown eyes strained but clear, with only the look of determination present. He was in control.
“Thanks,” he murmured, taking the steaming cup but made no move to drink it. We sat there in silence for a moment, the ticking clock the only sound in the room.
At last, I took a deep breath and dipped my head around to look at him. “Mark…?
“It’s been happening for a long time,” he blurted, turning the mug around in his hand. “It started out in dreams…bad ones. A lot tamer than the shit they pull out now, but bad. There were nights I’d play game after game just to stop myself from sleeping. Heh, bet the fans enjoyed those nights,” he chuckled, no real amusement in the laugh. Composing himself, he took a lon
:iconwriteasoph:writeasoph 129 110
Half Human - Comic Cover by Juststarz63 Half Human - Comic Cover :iconjuststarz63:Juststarz63 13 2 where's the egg by voredragon12345 where's the egg :iconvoredragon12345:voredragon12345 9 96 one day... by voredragon12345 one day... :iconvoredragon12345:voredragon12345 6 111 UNDERFELL SANS PLUSH HANDMADE TOY by illtry UNDERFELL SANS PLUSH HANDMADE TOY :iconilltry:illtry 9 3 Sans Handmade Plushie (Undertale) by illtry Sans Handmade Plushie (Undertale) :iconilltry:illtry 13 0 ~photoshoot~ by voredragon12345 ~photoshoot~ :iconvoredragon12345:voredragon12345 6 2 super fancy Horror Sans.  by Dustyxddm super fancy Horror Sans. :icondustyxddm:Dustyxddm 5 0 Underfell Sans by Zareidy Underfell Sans :iconzareidy:Zareidy 93 26 Undertale AU: TheGreatTale by TheSamuraiWarrior Undertale AU: TheGreatTale :iconthesamuraiwarrior:TheSamuraiWarrior 9 7 Papyrus by Zareidy Papyrus :iconzareidy:Zareidy 183 40 Undertale Trash Geno!Sans by TheLegionOfEvil Undertale Trash Geno!Sans :iconthelegionofevil:TheLegionOfEvil 9 0


Proof for people that I am in fact working on the next few pages of the Invertale comic. XP This is just a tiny section of the next page.
Dragon808tr B-Day Present
Happy Birthday Tyler!! I really hope you like this. :3

Max and I might have a few things planned~ So you better watch out!
I'm soooo sorry everyone for being away. ;-; I am just dealing with a bunch of shit right now. Thanks to help from my friend Tyler, I think I finally realized it was my stress causing me to keep getting sick. So I've been better on that end. But...

As of a few days ago, my dad and I have started to stress over my grandmother, who is freaking stupid. She downloads and plays games on her laptop and constantly has viruses on it. So she got help from Geek Squad and got a contract with them. But what does she do, instead of going to them the next time? She ends up getting a complete stranger that messaged her on Facebook to remotely access her computer to fix it. And the dude completely locked her out of it, until she gives him access to her bank account. -.- And then, add to the fact all her bank information is on her laptop in the auto input thing, so the dude may already have access!

So the past few days, we've been trying to figure that out. But she may have just lost thousands of dollars. And she doesn't work anymore, and she's also in debt to the IRS already cause she took out a loan for my uncle and his cheating wife (who are now getting divorced, but there's lot of shit she's raising over everything). So if she loses everything, she may lose her house.

And then add the fact my mom is raising hell over me losing my scholarship for college (my dad trusts that I'll get it back). I'm already beating myself up over it, and apparently making myself sick over it, but her messing with me doesn't help. She's been yelling that if I don't get it back, I'm not going back to college, and stuff like that. And THEN she wakes me up at 2 AM this morning to yell at me about it. Like what the fuck?!

So yes. All of that together is why my responses have suddenly started getting limited. I'm so freaking sorry everyone. ;-;
Invertale Page 5
This is super late, I know. I'm sorry. I just keep getting sick. Also, yes, Xen looks odd. XD But that's supposed to be him coming into reality after teleporting.

The next page will be more detailed, promise.

Undertale: Toby Fox
Invertale AU: me

Page 1:…
Next: Coming Soon


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United States
Hi! I'm just a young adult who's going through several different fazes through life. My art is far from professional, but it's something that I enjoy to do and grow on. I accept any criticisms, as they can always help.

And for those who look at my stuff, I apologize for the random works of fetish art or anything that I upload. I don't mean for it to seem like its being pushed off onto people.


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